Qolun (Beaver) Bracelet

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18K Yellow Gold, Platinum, Repousse, Chased


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18K Yellow Gold, Platinum, Repousse, Chased, Engraved, Textured, Hinged with Catch


“This bracelet continues the theme of my roots in the Beaver Clan, as the main character is a Beaver. Since my present Eagle Clan was kind enough to adopt me, I really couldn’t leave them out of the ‘story,’ and so an Eagle is around the back as the small face occupying the Beaver’s tail. Being part of both clans is an advantage for me in many ways, not the least of which is that I have twice as many advisors to ‘keep me on-my-toes.’

Over the decades, I’ve picked up a range of artistic techniques that I’ve always wanted to incorporate into a nice, big, gold bracelet and this is the closest I’ve come to attaining that goal. Traditionally, abalone would have most likely been used for the inlay but I’ve always been intrigued by metal combinations, so I chose to follow that particular artistic muse and use platinum inlays instead. I think it gives everything a much different and modern look that really sets it apart and really pleases me.”

-Lyle Wilson, 2016

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