Carved Raven Triptych by Northwest Coast Native Artist Tracy Yeomans

“Raven Transforming” Triptych [Framed]

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Left Panel: Ultrasuede appliqué on board

Centre Panel: Red Cedar wood, Acrylic paint, Carved

Right Panel: Acrylic paint on board



25.75 x 21.5 x 2.25″ (each panel)

25.75 x 64.5 x 2.25″ (entire triptych)

I called this triptych ‘Raven Transforming’ because the design continuously transforms from one medium to another to form a complete Raven design.
This was a fun set to work on – each panel being a completely different medium created a bit of a challenge to keep all of the pieces aligning where they meet. This meant checking several times throughout the process of each panel. I was pleased with the way these came together in the end.” – Trace Yeomans


Only 1 available

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