Respecting My Ancestors Bentwood Box

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Red Cedar wood, Yellow Cedar wood, Abalone shell, Cedar rope, Acrylic paint

“The 4 Chilkat Faces on the side of the box lid., touch on our Tlingit ancestry through our great,great,great,great grandmother Anisalaga, who was a Chilkat Blanket weaver. The faces are stylized after faces seen on Chilkat blankets, and  also represent our ancestors. The split Maxinukw, or Killer Whale design represents one of the main crests of my fathers tribe, the Namgis, our people believe some of our chiefs, after they pass on to the spirit world, transform into Killer Whales. The face of Kumugwe, the Chief of the undersea world,can be seen portrayed between the Killer Whales, who originate and reside in his kingdom under the sea. The Moon is portrayed between two Salmon, the Moon controls the tides of our rivers and oceans, the source of our great wealth and gift of Salmon, the Kwakwakawakw are known as The Salmon People. The Salmons eggs are visible between the tails of the Salmon. On either end of the box are two Bears , biting onto  cedar bark rope, which serve as the handles for the box., the Bear represents the strength and wisdom of the creatures of our lands.” – Kevin Cranmer

16 x 37 x 18"

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