Salish Weave Hoop Earrings – Large

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Sterling silver, Engraved

“The significance of the Salish Weave is that it allowed me to take a very difficult and intricate design and apply it to silver and gold jewelry, making it my own unique statement to the world.

Traditionally, the Salish Weave was used only on wood and cedar. Being able to participate in a Cedar Hat-making workshop with the late Holly Williams allowed me to prepare and create my own Cedar Hat. It was a very tactile and visually appealing experience, so I would say this is the beginning of my thought process of putting the cedar weave to metal and being able to take the feel of the cedar and recreate it on metal.

I feel contentment and pride in my completed works because the Salish Weave in jewelry is a contemporary idea that holds onto tradition. Weaving us together is an expression that tells the story of people feeling connected to the land, their community and each other; yet, allows them to be unique as in no two pieces of jewelry are the same.” – Jody Sparrow, 2023

0.5 x 4.5" (1.27 x 11.43cm)


Only 1 available

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