State of Emergence Limited edition print by Indigenous artist Cori Savard

State of Emergence

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Serigraph, Edition of 100


“Butterfly is known as Raven’s companion. Travelling with Raven and aiding them in many of their adventures. Before becoming the voice of reason for Raven, Butterfly experiences a state of transformation. From which they emerge as a better version of themselves.

Personal growth is a journey we all embark on. It is a constant state of transformation. As we become better versions of ourselves, we inevitably encourage those around us to do the same. The copper elements in this image represent knowledge, and the wealth that comes from sharing it. Strengthening connections within ourselves, our cultures, and one another.”
– Cori Savard, 2023

21.75 x 28.5" (55.25 x 72.39cm)


Only 2 available

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