Sun, Star & Raven Soapberry Spoon

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Yellow Cedar wood, Ablone shell

“This carved soapberry spoon has one of the more interesting tales of my exhibit; its nickname is ‘SHOW-STOPPER’ for good reason! While carving this piece, I kept pushing myself to go beyond what the original idea had been and was so consumed in pursuing that goal I became impatient and careless. I tried to use my carving tool for something it wasn’t designed to do and it slipped and cut my finger’s tendon!

Thankfully it could be operated upon and repaired, but the healing period took 10 weeks out my carving schedule. As a result, my exhibition came to an abrupt halt and I had a lot of time to reflect on what had happened and why. When I eventually resumed carving, I spent a very long time on the ‘SHOW-STOPPER’ because, in my mind, although it’s small and it held up my show, it now deserved to become something extra-special. I’m extremely pleased with the way it turned out!

The spoon depicts the traditional tale familiar to every Pacific Northwest Coast group: Raven discovering daylight. The sun, stars and moon can be present or left out of some versions. The Raven occupies the spoon’s bottom, while the handle is topped with the Sun on one side and the Star on the opposite side.”

-Lyle Wilson, 2016

12.75 x 1."

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