Supernatural Hummingbird Pendant

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Sterling silver, 14K Yellow Gold, Engraved

The hummingbird has become an increasingly prominent figure in Pacific Northwest Coast Indigenous art over the last few decades. Considered to be a whimsical creature, this tiny bird brings good luck and happiness to all who come across it.

In many of the oral traditions on the Pacific Northwest Coast, the hummingbird plays the role of a powerful spirit helper, who is often associated with healing. It is believed that, in ancient times, all animals and people possessed the ability to transform one into the other and back again. In fact, this stunning Supernatural Hummingbird Pendant was inspired by a story in which The Transformer turned himself into a hummingbird so that he could fly away and escape his foe. Transformations like these often play a key role in many of the legends found throughout the Northwest Coast.

Beyond its role in oral tradition, the hummingbird serves as a sub-crest for some Haida clans, and is an important symbol of healing, peace, and love.

2.5 x 1.25"

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Only 1 available

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