Chiin Sgaanuwaay (Supernatural Salmon) IV Print by Northwest Coast Native Artist April White

Chiin Sgaanuwaay (Supernatural Salmon) IV

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“The Beings in the story ‘Bear Mother Myth’ are the backbone of this depiction. The main characters, the Prince of the Bear People, a Haida Princess, and their offspring, twin Bear Cubs, are encompassed by the silhouette of Taawaan (Chinook Salmon) to recognize the Northwest Coast Peoples’ oneness with all things and Salmon in particular. The Haida and Bear are unified by the sharing of their primary foods: berries and salmon. When a Being presents itself as food, it does so willingly and gives itself to sustain another life. This was given much reverence and it is believed that each entity possessed its own spirit. When the spirits gave generously, it meant that life was enriched far beyond the immediacy of a full belly granting the freedom to explore spiritual enlightenment.” – April White

11.75 x 30"

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Only 1 available

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