Bear, Frog, Killerwhale, Raven & Eagle Chest

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Red Cedar wood, Acrylic paint

This was the last chest made by my friend, Larry Rosso, before he died. In fact, I removed some wood from the front side, as he had already begun carving it. My goal in designing this large box was to make each side as interesting as the front. Quite often, only the front side of the chests were given special attention, with the back and side designs being so much weaker and ill-defined.

The front side [of this chest] is a Grizzly and a Frog, while the back is a split Killerwhale. A Raven adorns one side, with an Eagle on the other.

30 x 46.75 x 23" (76.2 x 118.75 x 58.42cm)

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