The Marriage of Raven & Frog Panel

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Red Cedar wood, Abalone shell, Acrylic paint

According to ancient Nuu-chah-nulth oral traditions, Raven has married every character in the spiritual pantheon of the Pacific Northwest Coast. However, in each marriage, the union was never consummated. The marriage of Raven and Frog is no exception.

Once the wedding was over, Raven asked his wife, Frog, to come join him in bed. Frog told him that she would join him after she had gone outside to sing for a bit. However, while Frog was singing, Raven ended up falling asleep. The same thing happened the next night, and every night that followed. Thus, as with the rest of his marriages, Raven was never able to consummate his marriage with Frog.

40.75 x 41.25 x 2"

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Only 1 available

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