The Way of Inuit Art: Aesthetics and History In and Beyond the Arctic

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Inuit art is examined in this book from prehistory to the present, especially its influence on non-Inuit artists and scholars, and their influence on it.

Part One gives a history of the main art-producing prehistoric traditions in the North American Arctic, concentrating on the Dorset. It also discusses the influence of theories such as evolutionism, diffusionism, ethnographic comparison, and shamanism on the interpretation of prehistoric Inuit art.

Part Two, with the support of interviews with Inuit artists, analyzes the influence of such theories as nationalism, primitivism, modernism, and postmodernism on 20th century Canadian Inuit art. The presence of Inuit art in the mainstream is demonstrated with a discussion of its influence on Canadian artist Nicola Wojewoda, to whose work, in addition, Inuit artists present their reactions.

Published in 2005

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