Framed Serigraph by Northwest Coast Native Artist Ben Davidson

Tide Walker [Framed]

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Serigraph, Edition 46 of 77



Ben Davidson’s Tide Walker is a remarkably expressive serigraph by one of the Northwest Coast’s foremost artists. The blend of traditional and contemporary formlines, as well as the use of rich and saturated colour, joins to create an aesthetic that is distinctly a Ben Davidson work.

Below are the artist’s own words regarding this piece:

“Tide Walker exists in the space between the land and the ocean. From afar, he appears as a dorsal fin, so we imagine his body beneath the waves. We are so desperate to be the first to see the killer whale that we allow our minds to complete his story before we have time to determine the truth. We are so swiftly lured into believing the surface story that we rarely take time to consider what lies beneath.” (Davidson, 2017).

Ben Davidson is an internationally-renowned contemporary First Nations artist. He is the son of Robert Davidson, also of international fame. Ben stays true to his Haida ancestry, while always pushing the boundaries of traditional artwork.

33.25 x 23.75 x 1.25" (84.46 x 60.33 x 3.18cm)

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