Serigraph by Pacific Northwest Coast Native Artist Lyle Campbell

Tristan’s Thunderbird (AP)

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Serigraph, Artist Proof, Edition of 7



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This print tells the story of how we met our young friend, Tristan Davis. Last February (2019), my wife and I attended the All Native Basketball Tournament in Prince Rupert. We hosted a raffle for a colourful 4’x2′ acrylic painting. Tickets were $5 each. On our second day, we met Tristan. She approached our table and proceeded to count out five dollars in change to buy one ticket. She then popped by our table throughout the week to check on what she was calling “her painting”. At the end of the week, we held the draw and sadly, to our dismay, she did not win. Well, a few weeks passed but I couldn’t help but think of this little one’s appreciation and connection with my artwork. My wife and I discussed it and decided to make her a painting of her own. With a little investigation, via Facebook, we were able to track down her mother. We found out that [Tristan] was 9 years old and from the Thunderbird Clan. So, in the design, the Thunderbird has a creek flowing from its mouth. The Thunderbird is her and the creek is Hays Creek, where we met her.” – Lyle Campbell

Why an Artist Proof?

The artist proof is often the first proof or set of proofs that the artist “pulls” to ensure that the image is printing to the desired effect. The Artist Proof holds a higher value than a regular edition piece due to its rarity as well as the possibility that they can contain the visual evidence of the artist’s progress. Artist Proofs are typically owned and kept by the artist so they are rarely released.

18 x 24" (45.72 x 60.96cm)


In stock

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