Trophy Pendant

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1976 Montreal Olympiad $5 Dollar Silver Coin, Deeply Sculpted, Engraved, Textured

“This pendant is an example of the traditional Pacific Northwest Coast formline style being adapted to show a relatively modern event. About 30 years ago, my uncle G’psgolox (Dan Paul Sr.) took me to visit some Tsimshian relatives at their fishing camp, which was located way out, and close to the open ocean. G’psgolox stayed in his bigger boat while a Tsimshian friend took me trolling in a small boat. Using a rod and reel, we hooked the biggest spring salmon that I’ve ever caught – over 40 pounds. The size of that salmon has remained in my mind ever since and so I memorialized that event in this silver coin.

The silver coin is thicker than standard silver stock, so it allows me to carve extra deep to give a sculptural look to the pendant. The pendant’s back is left as is to show its beginnings as a coin.”

-Lyle Wilson, 2016

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1.5 x 1.5" (3.81 x 3.81cm)


Only 1 available

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