Two Salmon Print by Northwest Coast Native Artist lessLIE

Two Salmon

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by lessLIE

Serigraph, Edition of 150



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“Some of my work, when simply depicting nature and animals, is a visual tribute to the greatness of nature and animals. This design is a tribute to salmon. On a formal level, the middle of the design — the eccentric circle and the negative ovals above and below the trigons, have a minor northern Northwest Coast influence, yet they are rendered in a style which is distinctly Coast Salish. Concentric circles are design elements of Coast Salish art, but in the case of this design, they are eccentric circles. Concentric ovals are design elements of the Coast Salish art, but in the case of this design, they are simply negative ovals flanking a negative trigon. Many northern Northwest Coast designs utilize negative cirlces, ovals, and ovoids to fill in large positive spaces. How many influences a contemporary Coast Salish artist can accept from Haida art without succumbing to a Haida-centric perspective is a matter of cultrual conFUSION.”


8.5 x 24.5"

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Only 1 available

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