Wood and Abalone Shell Killerwhale Panel by Northwest Coast Native Artist Moy Sutherland

Wolf of the Sea Panel

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Red Cedar wood, Abalone shell, Acrylic paint

Moy Sutherland’s “Wolf of the Sea” Panel is a striking depiction of a powerful Pacific Northwest Coast figure. The size of the panel allows the full figure to pan down the face of the wood, inviting the eyes of all in its vicinity. Combined with a generous use of Abalone inlay, the final result is a truly impressive work of art.

The Wolf is seen as a symbol of patience, individuality, provider, unity, and family. Out of all the animals, Wolves are believed to have the strongest supernatural powers and are often sought as spirit aids by hunters. Wolves are the counterpart to the Killerwhale. They are fierce protectors of family and are known to mate for a lifetime.

The Killerwhale, often referred to as the “Wolf of the Sea,” is associated with family, power, strength, dignity and communication. Like the Wolf, Killerwhales are fierce protectors and mate for a lifetime. According to coastal First Nations oral traditions, Killerwhales live in villages deep within the ocean, where they remove their skins and live as large humans. They are said to be the reincarnations of great chiefs, and are reputed to act as guides to humans caught within storms.

60 x 35.75 x 1.75" (152.4 x 90.81 x 4.45cm)

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