Kelvin Thompson

Plains Native Artist Kelvin Thompson from Saulteaux Nation

Saulteaux Nation

Kelvin was born November 5th, 1958 in Ebbenflow, Manitoba, which is located in the central region of Canada.

Kelvin has been carving since 1978. He worked with Barry Wilson on wooden panels for the Vancouver Indian Centre. In the early 80s, Kelvin worked with Derek Wilson carving silver and gold jewelry and he apprenticed under Henry Robertson working on totem poles and panels, which are on display at the Vancouver Indian Centre.

Kelvin is of Saulteaux decent, but he grew up with the influence of west coast people. Henry Robertson, Barry Wilson and Derek Wilson are of the Henaaksala people, a branch of the Haisla nation. Kelvin was adopted into this family.

Kelvin’s designs whether in gold, silver, ivory or wood reflect his attention to detail and superb craftsmanship. He is very aware of his native culture and hopes that through his artwork he is able to help preserve and pass on the Northwest coast native culture.

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